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Accepted USA and in Puerto Rico 
BBB Accredited BusinessNever expires, just register with the pharmacy!!

Keystone Partners Community Services, in cooperation with Community Assistance Program (CAP) have developed this nationwide outreach program Through this program, our Reps give free discount prescription cards to health clinics, hospitals, doctors' offices, social service agencies, individuals or to anyone who needs help paying for their prescription medications. The Community Assistance Program gives you the opportunity to work independently, yet with training and guidance. When you build a residual income with us, it pays year after year.
The discount prescription card saves an average of 15% on brand-name medication and 55% on generic medication. The bearer of this card will always receive the lowest price available for any particular FDA approved medication at the chosen participating pharmacy. The card is accepted at over 80% of pharmacies in the U.S. and its territories, including both major chains and independent pharmacies and the card never expires.
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Keystone Partners, LLC / Community Services
We offer Free Discount Prescription cards Nationwide, with 2 designs, the Community Assistance Program  or the USA Discount Drug plan card, Both with the same discounts to help those with their monthly needed prescriptions.
We have partnered, with a Nationwide Outreach Program and a National Drug Distributor & supplier for nationwide pharmacies..

Although anyone may use the card it is best for those who are uninsured or underinsured!

Over 60,000 participating pharmacies nationwide

Through an outreach program, we provide prescription users savings upto 85% on most generic medications and 15% on brand name meds.

The consumer only has to register the card with the pharmacist and keep the card to use over and over again. The users discount is given at the time of purchase. Over 80% of the pharmacies nationwide and in Puerto Rico participate.
The cards available in many languages. This is not an insurance plan, and we do not collect personal information. Anyone may use the card in the household,

Community Assistance Program ;

USA card

Need Affordable Dental & Vision Plan?


Dentachoice is a discount, or reduced-fee, dental program that utilizes the Aetna Dental Access® network. This program is designed for health conscious consumers looking to maintain their oral health and minimize their dental care expenses with savings that range from 15-50% per visit, on average.


Our discount vision program offers you average discounts of 10-50% at over 10,500 optical centers, whether they are major chains or independent eye care centers. Discounts can be 

Discount Program we provide are;
Dental & Vision Discount Program, 
Diabetic Discount Program,
Pet Discount Prescription Card 
Rx Med Assist Program, for those who may need further help paying for their monthly needed medications.

Program Details…….

* No Insurance? Our program is perfect for those who are uninsured & underinsured!

* Are you paying full price for your medications? Use this discount card over & over!

* No income or age restrictions, no application necessary, Pre-activated card

* Using our card may save you money rather than using your insurance copay!

* Save an average of 55% on generics & 15% on name brand drugs

* All FDA approved drugs are eligible for the discount

* Provides a discount even if your present insurance or what Medicare may not help with!

* Keep this card with you, CARD NEVER EXPIRES !

* Most large pharmacies in USA & Puerto Rico are participating in the program!

* Now Available a Pet Prescription Savings Card, Dental & Diabetic Discount Programs!

Bob Stanley, Representative Distributor 813-310-7091 or 886-229-2376 


Save on Pets Meds too!!!

USAPet Meds 

  Get a discount on your pet's prescription

Pet Drug CardDo You Know

About 50% of the drugs prescribed by your vet are actually people drugs on different doses and that you can fill these prescriptions right at your local pharmacy.
And for those medications or compounds that you CAN'T get at a local pharmacy - we have made arrangements with a pet med specialty pharmacy to fill those special needs. Start saving today! Just ask your vet for a prescription.

Discover how much you can save

What type of drug did your vet prescribe?


“Making Healthcare more affordable for the uninsured & underinsured.”

Join us, Help people save money, while you earn money! Independent Rx Representatives
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